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Customer Service

Focused Such success can be attributed to the driving principles on which Like-Nu Motorglass was founded, and the principles it continues to apply in delivering exceptional service. Such values gravitate around a fierce commitment to step into our clients' vision and deliver based on their definition of quality - a competitively efficient and reliable service characterized by its high quality workmanship. The fulfillment of such values is enabled by their own Like-Nu Motorglass central warehouse which supplies its two fitment centers exclusively, ensuring that they will have the client's required glass in stock at any given time, thus allowing them to serve their clients with impact and service excellence. With Like-Nu Motorglass's unwavering focus on creating a fulfilling client experience, special emphasis has been placed on developing Like-Nu Motorglass teams who are able to represent the business with distinction thus bringing its values to life in every interaction a client has with Like-Nu Motorglass. Their fitment staff are been highly trained, and their skilled workmanship ensures a presentable, fast and reliable customer experience. Like-Nu Motorglass places great emphases on ensuring that the tools, bonding agents and products used are of a superior quality and this is what distinguishes them from their competitors.

LIKE-NU Motorglass is Eco-Aware

LIKE-NU is a member of the PG Glass group, the only firm that chooses to recycle damaged windscreens to take out over 2800 tonnes of C02 emissions a year.

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